About Kepler Framing

“If it doesn’t bite, I can frame it.”

I have framed everything from a full African headdress, medieval castle locks, football jerseys, pennants and flags, fishing lures, fountain pens, baby shoes, teething rings, baseball cards, campaign buttons, children’s art, papyrus, wedding invitations, medals, plates, embroidery, countless photographs of people shaking hands with presidents, antique books about to crumble if handled improperly, one-of-a-kind irreplaceables, and an acorn.

In most frame shops, you place your order with a sales clerk and do not get experienced advice from the picture framer who will be framing your art.  I have always maintained a small shop where I take your order personally and do the work myself. I use archival materials on every order unless otherwise requested, and my pricing is always competitive.